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The Circle of Life

As I bask in the tremendous love and promise surrounding the birth of a child I’m also reminded daily of those close to me who are losing those they love. Many too young, many who have been suffering for so very long and many, sadly, who pass away with no warning whatsoever.  Truly the circle of life … while welcoming a newborn into our lives fills us with joy … losing a loved one can empty our heart and challenge our spirit as we try to make sense of it all.  It is one of the most difficult parts of life.

I remember an old country song that describes the simultaneous exalting joy of someone experiencing the birth of a child while someone nearby in the same hospital is mourning … one shedding tears of sadness while experiencing the loss of a loved one while the other is shedding tears of joy upon the birth of their baby.  It is the circle of life, true?  We are born, we hopefully live a long, full, happy life … and then we eventually pass on.

All of these emotions rattling around this brain of mine reminded of a song my son, Sean, wrote several years ago about giving someone permission to die.  He was working on an oncology floor as a nurse at the time. At his CD release party he introduced the song by saying that he felt at least one song on his CD should be reflection of his ‘day job’.   As I listened to the song I immediately thought of how much my mother would have loved hearing him sing it to her when it was her time to ‘pass’.  Passing away can indeed be a time of re-birth.

Don’t ask how my mind works, please … as I am constantly questioning where things come from …and I would certainly not be able to answer.   I’m often in awe (in a frightening way at times!) of its easily found tangents and distractions.   As of yet I’ve been unable to control it or even figure it out…. but I’m certainly becoming more accepting of it and believe that it contributes tremendously to my energy and ability to accomplish lots of things:-)

The Ying / Yang of life …. Life and death  …. Joy and Sadness …. two examples of the many opposite or contrary forces that are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world … the Circle of Life …

Just click on the link and then on the play arrow.  I hope you enjoy it:-)


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